i-CAT Next Generation 2D+3D+CBCT Digital Pan

STARTING AT $34,850.00

i-CAT puts the power of precision in your hands, simply and conveniently. Dental clinicians now have direct access to advanced 3D treatment tools for implants and restorations, oral and maxillofacial surgery. TMJ and sinuses, and orthodontics.

i-CAT produces high definition 3D diagnostic images for ultimate treatment efficiency. Its push-button ease delivers maximum control to accurately capture each patients unique anatomy and treatment progress.


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  • 1 Year Warranty on all Parts
  • Acquisition Computer
  • iCAT Vison/ TxStudio powered by Anatomage Imaging Software
  • Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse
  • Free Shipping in the USA
  • FOV: 8×8, 16×4, 16×6, 16×8, 16×10, 16×11, 16×13, 23×17
  • Crated for International or Domestic Shipping

Additional Costs:

  • Installation Fee of $2450 by Certified Technician in the USA

Platinum Warranty Package Contingent on Global Imaging Installation:

  • 1-Year of Unlimited tech support/ help desk
  • Initial training with one additional training sessions at no charge
  • Access to our On-Site nationwide network of Equipment and Tech Support
  • Simba Support service at 10% off all additional IT Services
  • 10% off all parts purchases

For practices that require both 2D and 3D cone beam X-ray imaging, the i-CAT Next Generation can capture a traditional panorex scan with its innovative i-PAN technology. The system's 2-in-1 functionality adapts well into almost any dental practice environment.




An integral component of this i-CAT CBCT system is Tx STUDIO 3D viewing and treatment planning software from Anatomage. Comprehensive and easy to use, Tx STUDIO provides diagnostic and planning tools for implants, restorations, endodontic surgical procedures, orthodontics, TMJ and airway analysis. Tx STUDIO can be used throughout your practice and makes sharing data with colleagues fast and easy.


With the i-CAT Next Generation cone beam system, you can capture a variety of 3D views, from a standard 8 x 8 cm scan up to an extended full cranial height image (23 x 17 cm) for a volumetric cephalometric image. Collimate the i-CAT cone beam X-ray field of view to the size required for each case – adjustable to any height between 2-13 cm x 17 cm wide. Dynamic clinical control allows you to acquire high-definition 3D cone beam scans while minimizing patient dose.

Improve orthodontic planning and patient care by combining the technology of i-CAT 3D imaging with SureSmile software. Extended ceph 3D cone beam scans captured by the i-CAT Next Generation meet SureSmile's high quality and precision standards. Easily import your i-CAT 3D cone beam scans into the SureSmile software as part of your orthodontic treatment workflow.



Optimize workflow with remarkably rapid scan and reconstruction times. Capture all diagnostic images in one fast scan (4.8 seconds) for ultimate efficiency. The i-CAT CBCT Quickscan mode is ideal for follow up appointments.

With its innovative seated design, the i-CAT Next Generation cone beam is surprisingly compact to fit in even the tightest imaging areas.


Thoughtfully designed for handicap accessibility, the chair lifts out of any i-CAT CBCT system for safe and easy wheelchair access.




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Endodontics, General Dentistry, Implants, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Sleep