Carestream CS9000C 2D+3D+CBCT Digital Pan Ceph

STARTING AT $28,850.00

Despite your training and years of practice, it’s tough to correctly diagnose what you can’t see…and standard twodimensional images can be ambiguous at best. Fortunately, with our 3D imaging products, you can finally get the whole picture—all while receiving the best image quality and highest resolution in the industry. With three systems that each provide a broad spectrum of imaging possibilities for generalists and specialists alike, Carestream Dental gives you everything you need to diagnose with confidence every time.


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  • 1 Year Warranty on all Parts
  • Acquisition Computer
  • Carestream Imaging Software v6
  • Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse
  • FOV 5×5
  • Crated for International or Domestic Shipping

Additional Costs:

  • Installation Fee of $2850 by Certified Technician in the USA
  • Shipping Fee of $985 in the USA

Platinum Warranty Package Contingent on Global Imaging Installation:

  • 1-Year of Unlimited tech support/ help desk
  • Initial training with one additional training sessions at no charge
  • Access to our On-Site nationwide network of Equipment and Tech Support
  • Simba Support service at 10% off all additional IT Services
  • 10% off all parts purchases

The Carestream CS 9000C 3D panoramic and cone beam x-ray system with cephalometric option captures high-quality 2D panoramic images.




Capture fast and accurate standard, pediatric, segmented, TMJ and maxillary sinus images with the Carestream CS 9000C 3D panoramic and cone beam system, with cephalometric option. Face-to-face positioning and easy-to-use image programming controls puts patients at ease and streamlines image capture.

High-resolution images (0.076 mm) delivered by the Carestream CS 9000 3D system provides superior visualization of fine dental structures. Ideal for endodontics and dental exams requiring detail and precision.



Generate clear axial and sagittal three-dimensional images for root canals and other oral surgeries, or use the cross-sectional template to visualize slice-by-slice distances for the most precise cone beam computed tomography measurements during implant planning.


“One-Shot” cephalometry captures picture-perfect cephalometric images in just over a second. Cephalometric dental exams include: lateral, frontal (AP/PA), submento-vertex, and carpus.

The included feature-rich, yet easy to use CS Imaging Software provides all the tools dental professionals need to quickly analyze, store, retrieve, and share panoramic, cephalometric, and cone beam images.

Capture just the patient's dentition with less radiation for pediatric-friendly panoramic images.

Carestream CS 9000C 3D panoramic and cone beam x-ray system, with cephalometric option, captures focused field of view (5 x 3.75 cm) cone beam 3D images.

Get consistently sharp and clear Carestream-quality images each and every time with the Carestream CS 9000C 3D system.

Two-dimensional panorex and cephalometric images captured by the Carestream CS 9000 3D panoramic and cone beam x-ray system, with cephalometric option, can be easily accessed by most imaging and/or dental practice management software.



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Cephalometric, Cone Beam

Field Of View

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Endodontics, General Dentistry, Implants, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics