Carestream CS8100 3D Focused FOV 5×5

STARTING AT $31,850.00

Giving you the best value for money without the added complexity of unnecessary programs or gadgets, the CS 8100 makes positioning easier, image acquisition faster and higher image quality more accessible. Essentially it’s exactly what you need to streamline your workflow, improve your usability and make a more accurate real-time diagnosis.


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  • 1 Year Warranty on parts
  • Acquisition PC with Imaging Software and License
  • Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse
  • Free Install in the USA by Carestream Technicians
  • Free Shipping in the USA
  • FOV 4×4, 5×5, 5x5HD

CS 8100 3D system from Carestream Dental delivers true 2D panoramic x-ray images with its dedicated sensor technology.

CS 8100 3D panoramic and cone beam system features a bitewing-like view for a quick and easy alternative to intraoral bitewing x-rays.

Panoramic images captured by the CS 8100 3D panoramic and cone beam system can be easily integrated into almost any imaging software.

Variable focal trough technology and face-to-face positioning ensures anatomically correct digital dental panoramic images each and every time.

CS 8100 3D panoramic and cone beam system captures fast and accurate panoramic images including: standard, segmented, TMJ (2 or 4 views), maxillary sinus, and segmented bitewing.

CS 8100 3D system features a child-specific setting for both 2D and 3D images that automatically reduces the image field size and radiation output, enhancing patient safety.

CS 8100 3D system integrates seamlessly with Carestream Dental’s full range of 3D CAD/CAM solutions including impression scanning, CS restore, CS milling system, and more.

The top-of-the-line model in the Carestream Dental extraoral imaging product portfolio, the CS 8100 3D panoramc and cone beam system, delivers superior image quality, reliability, and ease of use.

CS 8100 Select panoramic and cone beam system captures a wide range of 3D field of view sizes (4×4, 5×5, 5x5HD) to support a variety of dental applications with digital x-rays – from single implants to dual jaw exams.

With image resolution up to 75 μm, the CS 8100 3D system delivers superior quality 3D scans, providing the detail required for even the most complex dental examinations and treatment plans, including endodontics.

The included feature-rich, yet easy to use CS Imaging Software provides all the tools dental professionals need to quickly analyze, store, retrieve, and share both panoramic and cone beam digital dental images.

As your practice grows, add the power of “One Shot” cephalometrics to CS 8100 3D panoramic and cone beam system to capture stunning cephalometric digital dental images in just over a second. (NOTE: subject to availability)

The versatile CS 8100 3D panoramic and cone beam system delivers crystal-clear, high-quality 3D/CBCT images in seconds. Choose from a variety of fields of view, including EndoHD mode, Pediatric Program, Universal field of view, and Single or Dual Jaw options.

The 8×5 cm Single Jaw mode is ideal for exams requiring a full view of either the maxilla or mandible, including implant planning, surgical guide creation, and other surgical applications. The 8×9 cm Dual Jaw mode captures both dental arches in a single scan for a larger view of the dental anatomy and structures.

The Pediatric program, with its 4×4 cm field of view, limits exposure by confining radiation to a smaller area, ideal for pediatric exams. The 5×5 cm Universal field of view is perfect for most local dental examinations. Use the 5×5 cm EndoHD mode with a 75 µm resolution for exams requiring detail and precision, such as endodontic applications.



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